ROMIX RH50 Neck Pillow Inflatable&U-SHAPE Travel


  • Brand:ROMIX
  • Model: RH50
  • Color: black, BLUE, GREEN
  • Warranty: NO
  • Dimensions:



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ROMIX RH50 Neck Pillow Inflatable&U-SHAPE Travel  Made by durable waterproof material

Unique design, no need mouth to blow to inflate/deflate the pillow, only to use finger push

Two(2) adjust button for your suitable neck size

Easy to carry with less than 60g for the pillow

Excellent support pillow – no more neck achy when travelling or relaxing at home
The thickness, soft and hard of the pillow is easy for adjustment, you can press the button to adjust the inflation of your pillow for perfect firmness
Fully inflated: 13.39in x 9.45in x 4.53in
Pouch for easy carrying of the pillow during travelling

ROMIX RH50 Travel Neck Pillow Inflatable&Foldable


  • SIMPLE INFLATION/DEFLATION – No need use mouth to make the pillow inflatable/deflating, you only need to press the valve and have a rest on it to make it inflatable. Simply press the inner flap to deflate quickly or just adjust the pillows firmness.

  • COMPACT SIZE – Extremely convenient to carry the pillow everywhere with this compact size, the pillow is less than 60g.

  • MADE TRAVELLING EASY- Relieve fatigue and neck pain caused by long plane trip or car journey in a incorrect sleeping posture.

  • PERFECT U-SHAPED DESIGN – U-shaped ergonomic design, suitable for neck, back, outdoor travel, office seating and to relieve fatigue. With durable fabric quality for long time use and good sealing edge technology.

Brand : ROMIX

Model : RH-50

Material : Nylon

Color : Blue / Green / Gray/deep blue/light blue

Dimension : 40(W) x 28(H)cm / Pouch 10 x 5.5cm

EASY TO USE : Just press the inflatable pump manually, do not need to blow by mouth, o

nly 20-30 seconds to complete the inflation and deflation. [ULTRALIGHT AND PORTABLE] Made by ultralight Nylon Fabric, weighs only 85grams and can be folded into a very small size.

With a pouch for storage, convenient to carry. [PERFECT ADJUSTMENT] The thickness, soft and hard of the pillow is easy to adjust, you can press the button to adjust the inflation for perfect firmness, meet your different needs.

[VERSATILE USES] Excellent buddy for air flight, car, bus and train travel, whether you’re leisurely vacationing, long flight time, or watching TV, reading, studying at home.


  • Contoured U shape provides maximum comfort
  • Innovative valve provides easy adjustability
  • Inflates with just a few presses and deflates instantly
  • Folds down compactly into pocket size, easy to carry and store
  • Maximum load up to 50kg



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