Smartwares Optical cable, 1.5m Digital Optical audio cable


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Digital Optical audio cable  This Smartwares black & red 1500mm long Optical cable is suitable for domestic use.

  • This Digital Optical audio cable delivers pure, distortion-free audio with 5.1 channel digital surround sound capabilities
  • Ultra Nylon braid for added protection
  • Recommended for: Surround sound, Hi-Fi, Smart TV, HD TV, 3D TV
  • brand – SmartWare
  • cable length – 1.5m
  • product weight – 108g
  • product width – 15.5mm
  • low noise + dynamic range
  •  low noise + dynamic range
  • constructed of several highly polished polymer fibers instead of a single plastic conductor
  • Fibre optic cable
  • Crystal clear digital and audio transmission
  • Immune to electrical interference

More details

Moulded connectors fitted on both ends,Supports modern Dolby Digital

(Dolby 5.1 6.1 AC3 Prologic and more), Supports XBox consoles, PCs and

other audio equipment (as long as it has the correct corresponding port),

Supports DTS surround sound receivers, DVD players, MD players/recorders, MP3

and DAT recorders and more Audio Cards for Computer Digital Audio workstations, Outboard AD/DA Converters and satellite dish receivers.


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