Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Kit Player 12V MP3


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  • Type: bluetooth 
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        දින 3-4 ක් තුළ භාණ්ඩ භාර දෙනු ලැබේ.

      பொருட்கள் 3-4 நாட்களுக்குள் விநியோகம் செய்யப்படும்.


Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Kit Player 12V MP3  100% brand new and
high quality With Bluetooth audio receiver module, when cell phone and Bluetooth module
matching connection, the MP3 or nondestructive APE files via Bluetooth sent to
the product of the bluetooth receiver module to play,
which has greatly helped the function of the product and entertainment.
This product also be like ordinary MP3 decoder board,
play U disk or TF card MP3 files,as well as the radio broadcast.
(This product without bluetooth calling function,with no power amplifier,
only connect to an external amplifier can it use).Bluetooth FM Transmitter
  • Item Type:FM Transmitters
  • Item Weight:50g
  • Special Features:4 Modes switches: USB/TF/FM/AUX/Bluetooth.
  • Material Type:ABS + Metal
  • Model Name:Bluetooth MP3 Decoder Board
  • Voltage:12V
  • Brand Name:Onever
  • Bluetooth Effective Distance:5-10m/16-33ft
  • Power:DC 5V/12V


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