Aluminium Round Cake Mould Set Of 3, Capacity: 0.25, 0.5 And 1kg


Capacity: 0.25, 0.5 And 1kg



Aluminium Round Cake Mould Set Of 3, Capacity: 0.25, 0.5 And 1kg

Crafted from high grade and non-toxic food grade aluminum. This is simple, easy to use set allows you to precisely and professionally add that magic to the party. Ideal for both beginners and experienced decorators. Small with 16cm Diameter ideal for 250gms cake, Medium 21cm diameter ideal for 500gms, Large 23cm diameter ideal for 1000gms Washable and re-usable moulds. Hand washes in hot soapy water.Avoid abrasives or sharp utensils. Note : For baking cake in Microwave use only convetional mode.

  • Usage/Application Baking
  • Capacity 0.25,0.5 and 1kg
  • Material Aluminium Alloy
  • Set Include3 piece mold
  • Size16,21 and 23 cm
  • Design TypeStandardColorSilver

Aluminium Round Cake Use this 16″ x 3″ round aluminum cake pan to create a variety of sharable delights in your bakery, restaurant,

or corner cafe! Ideal for family-sized servings and specialty cakes for layering, this large pan is bound to make

an even bigger impact on your business by yielding consistently pristine results for your customers to admire and enjoy.

While its straight, 3″ sidewalls ensure that all culinary creations exit the oven with smooth and symmetrical sides,

its reliable construction evenly distributes heat to help you avoid burnt or undercooked food.

Made of 20 gauge aluminum, this pan also boasts superior strength for increased longevity in any commercial kitchen.

Plus, its rolled edges provide added stability when you go to grab your treats from the baking rack, offering you a convenient ledge for easy handling.

So whether you wish to wow your patrons with decadent dark chocolate cakes or tasty lemon-raspberry tarts, this pan is the proper cooking vessel for you!


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